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Home automation systems keep safety in your control

Smart homes are no longer a thing of the future. Be in the here and now with a suite of ADT home automation products. ADT home control systems bring intelligence and reliability to your home in easy to use applications.

ADT Pulse®, our all-in-one interactive solution to home automation, allows you to control all parts of your home from your tablet or smartphone. With ADT Pulse®, you can:

  • Arm and Disarm your security system.
  • Lock and unlock your doors.
  • Control appliances, lighting, and the temperature of your house.

Take the stress and worry out of your everyday life while keeping your home both safe and smart.

Lighting Control ADT

One switch for every light in your house

Think Pulse is only about security? Think again. With home automation solutions from lights to locks to live video and everything in between, we help keep your home and office both safe and smart.

Take Control Of Your Home

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Arm and Disarm the System

Forgot to set the alarm before leaving? Arm the home automation system remotely.

Receive Security Alerts

Get a text message or email when your primary entrance is opened.

Remote Temperature Control

Remote temperature control ensures your smart home is the perfect temperature when you arrive.

Control Your Appliances and Lighting

Turn lights on and off with the press of a home automation system button to lower your electricity bills.

Home Control Customized Modes

Create custom multi-function programs so that our home automation products work for you and your lifestyle.

Lock and Unlock Your Doors

Let the dog walker into your home while you’re at the office.